Twin Core Wire

Twin Core Wire

Get Twin Core Wires from Gardening Tools Online

Twin core wires are used for the safe and smooth flow of the power. The twin core wires are the electric cables that are used in the marine, automotive, and as home hardware or garden tools. The twin core wires are used for low voltage supply usage. You can buy them from Gardening Tools Online at affordable rates.


The material of the twin core wires is made of high-quality copper from the inside that is oxygen-free and is the best insulator of electricity. They are made to be safe. Because of the PVC coating, making them shockproof and safe for handling. The twin core wires have two wires insulated with PVC and coated with another layer of PVC.  Our wires have a high capacity that will last longer and be durable for a longer time. PVC material makes these home hardware suitable for outside usage. You can buy the twin core wires that are waterproof and heat resistant to last in all circumstances and work perfectly under all temperatures.

Electric Fence

You can also buy the electric fence from Gardening Tools Online, which is a helpful garden tool. Because they protect your garden or agricultural land from animals. They keep the land covered by keeping the animals away by transmitting electric waves that are strong enough to keep the animals away, yet it is light enough to be safe for them.  They are available in vibrant colours, so the wires are visible to everyone to avoid any accidents. You can choose the size that you need while making your purchase according to your use. So order online from Gardening Tools Online to enjoy discounts.