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The right type of equipment is the critical factor in paving and paving maintenance. A compactor is just what it sounds like – a device that is used to reduce waste and space through the procedure of compaction. It is used to reduce the size of waste material or biomass through a process called compaction.  

How does a compactor function?

It operates by first collecting waste into a container by inserting the waste at ground level from a loading dock into a sunken pit. The waste collects in the container for as long as an operator is running a compaction cycle. A pressure plate attached to a hydraulic cylinder compels the waste into the far end of the container.  The trash is flattened or “compacted” and decreased in size by so much as 11 times its initial volume.

Benefits of a plate compactor:

A plate compactor is a building machine used to condense soil and various kinds of dirt or stone. There exists a heavy steel plate on the bottom side of the machinery and acts as a push-style mowing machine. The compactor shakes the earth levelling out the earth’s surface. The Plate compactors are very useful when constructing a flagstone patio because the soil at the ground has to be flattened before putting the flattened stone down. 

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