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Most types of outdoor lighting can be replaced with exterior LED lighting. LED bulbs are safer, less likely to break in inclement weather, last longer, and produce bright flood light. Outdoor lighting should be about one-third the height of the door. Are you looking for Two light fixtures on either side of the front door? Flood light can be as little as one-quarter the height of the door. If you have two front doors, go a size up. The garden lighting enhances the beauty of your garden by utilizing a variety of colors. You can add more colors to your outdoor lighting by using different shades to enhance the overall appearance. 

Importance of outdoor lighting: 

The goal of garden equipment outdoor lighting is to increase the efficiency of human activities during the night and to make production, transportation, construction, city beautification, and other outdoor activities efficient, safe, secure, and comfortable.

Benefits of Outdoor lighting:

  • Provides the ease of use
  • Outdoor lighting provides security 
  • Home safety is increased by the garden lighting
  • Enhanced the beauty 
  • The garden equipment Provides enjoyment
  • Increase the curb appeal 
  • Outdoor lighting increases the use of outdoor living spaces
  • Enjoyment of yard
  • Aesthetic look 
  • Increased value of the home 

The uses of outdoor lighting:

Outdoor lighting is defined as fixed artificial lighting used to illuminate areas without roofs, i.e., outdoor areas. The goal of outdoor lighting is to maintain or improve the visual performance of people performing human activities by illuminating the area. 

  • It provides safety after dark 
  • Enables the wayfinding 
  • Creates a warm environment for the guest guests the entrance  
  • Highlights the area 
  • Add drama to architectural features 
  • Gives a beautiful look 

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