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Buy Hardware Accessories from Gardening Tools Online Australia!

Gardening Tools Online Australia provides a wide array of quality hardware accessories, as well as many other items such as tarpaulin, air hose reels and garden equipment. All these hardware accessories are a necessity and are bound to improve your quality of life. And provide you with ease in your day to day activities.

Hose reels

Hose reels are a convincing buy for anyone: they make hoses and cable operations efficient and safe, allowing for safer cable management and prolonging the service life of your hoses, cables and electrical wires, by up to a whopping five times! The hose reel keeps the hoses and cables in an orderly manner, ensuring safety and minimizing work-related accidents. A hose reel also reduces the wear and tear of hoses and cables. Thus preventing leakage and even increasing efficiency exponentially. 


Tarpaulins are one of the most versatile and durable pieces of hardware accessories in the market out there. Being extremely water-resistant, they are a quick and efficient solution if you ever need shelter. They are water-resistant, and can be used to keep anything dry: ranging from the newly-bought car that you want to protect from the hailstorm to the newly paved footpath that you made in front of your home, tarps are a low-expense, but an elegant, secure solution with a great pay-out!

Garden Tools

Gardening Tools also make it on our list of very important hardware accessories. Every house deserves a complementary garden that uplifts the look and the atmosphere of the house, and gardening equipment aid us in that purpose. They can be used to trim grass to keep it short and neat, water plants to keep them fresh. And help clear debris from plants without damaging them. All in all, they are of paramount importance and need to be bought so you get the garden.